Service Dog Tasks:
Mobility Assistance Tasks:

Non Handler Weight-bearing Tasks:
  • ​Retrieving dropped items.
  • Retrieving wheelchair/cane/walker.
  • Retrieving medical kit from designated location.
  • Putting clothing into/out of washing machine/dryer.
  • Putting clothing/items into basket.
  • Dragging basket to specified location.
  • Opening/closing cabinats.
  • Opening/closing doors.
  • Pressing button for handicap door.
  • Pressing elevator button.
  • Turning lights on/off.
  • Tugging on clothing to help with removal.
  • Placing items on counter.
  • Pulling cord to close/open curtains.
  • Transfering money/credit card/reciept between cashier and handler.
  • Retrieving items off grocery shelves. 
  • Carrying items in bucket/bag. 
​Handler Weight Bearing Tasks: (Dog MUST be at least 2 years of age, be cleared by a vetrinarian and be of suitable weight/height ratio to handler.)
  • Counterbalance.
  • Bracing during balance loss.
  • Bracing to help handler regain feet.
  • Bracing while decending/ascending stairs.
  • Pull into sitting position.
  • Momentum pull uphill. 

Medical Alert/Response Tasks:

Medical Alert Tasks:
  • Migraine alert (contigent upon the dog's natural ability to alert.)
  • Diabetic alert to low blood sugar.
  • Alergen alert (nuts, strawberries, etc.)
Medical Response Tasks:
  • Deep pressure therapy to help reduce pain/anxiety/duration of seizure.
  • Retrieving glucose kit from fridge.
  • Retrieving snack/water from designated location.
  • Dialing 911 on a K-9 Phone.
  • Bringing phone to handler.

Hearing Alert Tasks:

  • Alerting handler to name.
  • Alerting handler to sirens/emergency vehicles.
  • Alerting handler to alarm.
  • Alerting handler to door knocking/doorbell.

Psychiatric Assistance Tasks:

  • Medication reminder.
  • Laying across handler to provide deep pressure therapy during panic attacks. 
  • Providing tactile grounding during panic attacks.
  • Providing a physical barrier behind handler to prevent being approached from behind.
  • Waking the handler up from nightmares.
  • Interupting self harm. 
  • Interupting flashbacks. 
  • Searching the house.
  • Providing reality check.