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Owner Training 

Having worked extensively with owner trained service dogs, we decided to create a program designed to address the common failures that occur. Should you decide that you need a service dog and want to train one yourself, we provide temperament testing of litters, private weekly classes on socialization, basic and advanced obedience, public access and task work, and education in the laws and etiquette of the service dog world. We help owner-trainer teams all across the country via Zoom or in person at their homes.

The ideal owner-trainer is an individual who has extensive experience raising and training dogs, has two years or more to dedicate daily effort to the project and who is beginning with a suitable temperament tested puppy or a calm, stable, healthy adult dog.

Should you wish to owner train, then contact us to schedule your initial mandatory consultation, in which we will evaluate your current prospect or discuss temperament testing a new prospect, educate you on the laws and etiquette pertaining to service dogs, and discuss your needs and a training plan. 

PLEASE NOTE: We require that your dog is up to date on all of their vaccinations (or if they are a puppy, be in the process) before our session.

Subsequent Training Sessions $70/1 hour. Serving Reno, Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville, and Genoa.
$450/ All-day Obedience Training (a $560 value) Includes the cost of our travel by vehicle within 150 miles.

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