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Apply for acceptance into our all-inclusive training program and have your service dog raised and trained by experienced professionals. Wy

You will receive: ​​
  • An English Labrador from proven working lineages, microchipped and temperament tested to fit your lifestyle and needs.
  • 12 months of room and board in our home as a beloved member of our family.
  • 12 months of intensive, professional training including:
    • Basic obedience.
    • Advanced obedience.
    • Public access: planes, trains, hotels, grocery stores, shopping malls, movie theaters, college campuses and more.
    • 4 tasks, custom trained to meet your unique needs.  Tasks
  • Daily updates of your dog's progress.
  • Through, professional documentation of your dog's progress including:
    • Your dog's AKC paperwork.
    • Vaccination records.
    • Written, detailed training logs.
    • Signed testimony of completion of training. 
    • 5 days of professional training at your home to teach you how to work your dog
    • A Custom K-9 Service Dog patch for your dog's vest that is only given to participants in this program. 
  • ​​Security of mind, knowing that you are setting yourself and your future service dog up for success.

You are responsible for:
  • The cost of the dog 
  • The cost of any veterinary care deemed necessary (vacinations and spaying/neutering) 
  • The cost of Custom K-9 Service Dog's travel/room/board with receipts provided.
  • The cost of your dog's specialized gear.
  • The total cost of the program to be completed in full by the conclusion of your dog's training 


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